Zumata expands AI hotels across Asia

The world’s only artificial intelligence-powered hotel distribution and technology company, Zumata, is planning to expand its capabilities into Asia, meaning an exciting new technological tourist experience could be just over the horizon.

Zumata is well-known in North America, but it is now looking to break into the Asia travel industry with its AI-capabilities that include intelligent chatbots. In conjunction with the move into Asia, Singapore has been designated as a new headquarters for the company.

The CEO of Zumata, Josh Ziegler, explained the enormous potential of the digital experience in the world of travel.

“The trust from our global partners has helped us to grow rapidly in the past few years. We believe that Asia holds many major opportunities and untapped potential.

“As we grow aggressively in the region, we hope to capitalise on the growth of the Asia travel market and the need for companies to undergo digital transformations to remain competitive and expand,” he said.

The introduction of AI-driven chatbots has already begun in the region and this was a key factor in Zumata expanding into the area so rapidly. What makes these chatbots so different from others in the past is that they are able to attend to customers in a “human way”.

“Zumata’s chatbot platform is an industry-agnostic tool that can provide instant, automated, and most importantly, genuine customer engagement for businesses. I believe it will completely transform the way that businesses interact with consumers.” said Zeigler.

This new innovation in the world of travel will diversify how the travel industry sees customer service in the future. With the industry changing rapidly, don’t be surprised if you see one in a hotel near you soon.