World’s top 10 fastest growing tourism cities all in Asia

The cities with the 10 fastest rates of tourism growth in the world are all found on the continent of Asia, according to new data released by the World Travel and Tourism Council.

Figures from their latest “City Travel and Tourism Impact” report show that Asia will be the most prominent travel destination on the planet in the immediate years to come.

The country which emerges as a standout from the report is China, very much on the rise in the world of travel. All of the top 5 cities in the top 10 are Chinese: Chongqing in the south west comes in at pole position with 14 percent annual growth, while Guangzhou placed second with 13.1 percent. Shanghai, Beijing and Chengdu make up the remainder of the top 5.

The report explained that internal holidays are a major factor in the growth of tourism in China, with the middle class population having skyrocketed in recent years.

“The strong Chinese domestic market is behind the growth of cities such as Chongqing and Guangzhou which rely on spend from Chinese nationals for 94.5 percent and 89.1 percent of their Travel & Tourism GDP respectively,” the report said.

There were around 138 million arrivals in China in 2016, a figure which represents a 3.5 percent rise on the previous year.

In addition to China, Singapore was also highlighted by the report as a region gaining in popularity. The country’s tourism industry has doubled over the past decade to a total of $12.4 billion as of 2016, reaching a total of 164,000 jobs in the process.

Asia is a spectacular continent with myriad attractions and different landscapes, and the World Travel and Tourism Council report makes clear that more and more people are enjoying its bounty.