World’s largest cave to permit public entry in Vietnam

World’s largest cave to permit public entry in Vietnam

World’s largest cave to permit public entry in VietnamThe world’s largest cave is set to open to tourists and members of the public next year after the tourism authority of Quang Binh Province permitted communal access to Vietnam’s Son Doong Cave.

Open to visitors between February and August 2014 and on a so-called test basis, the cave has been the subject of mass appeal and intrigue since it was discovered just a mere 20 years ago.

Boasting a mighty length of 6,481 metres and a maximum height and width of 200 and 150 metres respectively at some points, the cave is truly a fascinating feat of nature.

Incredibly sacred given its world record breaking dimensions, the Vietnamese province’s tourism authority is approaching travellers’ entry with caution and groups of just eight people at a time are allowed to delve within Son Doong’s interior.

Located within Vietnam’s Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park and just over 300 miles south of the capital Hanoi, Son Doong Cave is just one facet of a park that is officially listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Given this accreditation, Son Doong Cave and the wider vicinity places themes of sustainability and environmental care at the forefront of their attentions and Quang Binh tourism authority’s deputy director, Nguyen Van Ky emphasised this point.

He said “We’ll be studying whether the visits will have any adverse environmental effects,” and that a decision regarding future entry will be made after August.

For those planning to visit Son Doong Cave on bespoke tours of Vietnam next year, travellers will have to splurge as much as $3000 on a tour but given the unique opportunity, for travellers enraptured by natural science, this isn’t a chance to miss.