When is the best time to visit Bangkok?

Bangkok to become number one travellers’ destination this year

Bangkok to become number one travellers’ destination this yearA gargantuan city brimming with sounds, smells, bright lights and secluded hideaway spots, Bangkok is a metropolis oozing with a character that is revered the world over.

For first time travellers, they will discover an environment that intertwines the old with the new; the traditional with the ultra-modern and for every high rise skyscraper in the CBD, an authentic Thai temple sometimes resides only a few yards away.

Spanning in excess of an almost overwhelming 600 square miles, the hub that guards the Chao Phraya River delta unsurprisingly boasts a positively endless list of things to do for travellers embarking on tailor-made adventures to Thailand.

To help narrow down your focus, it is fair to surmise that there are better times than others to visit this gem of Southeast Asia with annual events, temperature and of course the weather playing a key role in the booking process. Here are a few pointers below to get you thinking about your dream Thai adventure in Bangkok.

Avoid visiting in April, May and June if you can

Now we all love to sample some sun on our summer holidays but it’s simply a case of too much of a good thing in Bangkok during these months. You can expect scorching conditions and even simply wearing a t-shirt and shorts won’t be enough to beat the heat.

Visiting between November to February in the so-called cool season will not only allow you to acclimatise more favourably but there are fewer tourists – especially in the immediate aftermath of mid-June where the rainy season begins.

Revel with Thais in April’s Songkran Festival

I know what you’re thinking. We just informed against visiting Bangkok during April – the hottest month in the city’s calendar – but if you can deal with the warmth, cool off, go wild and join Thais in their annual Songkran Festival or to you and me, bank holiday celebrations that last for four days!

Bangkok almost shuts down during this period and kids thrive out in the streets engaging in water fights with the period renowned for families coming together, observing quality time and visiting sacred parts of the city in unison – beautiful to observe.

New Year’s Eve Thai style!

If you possess dreamy visions about proposing to a loved one or simply want to see in a New Year in style, Bangkok’s NYE celebrations are awesome with a riverside fireworks display stealing the show.

Bangkok will come alive with glitzy movers and shakers who like to hang out in the city’s top nightspots, alongside international DJs and of course, plenty of partying!