When going on holidays to Thailand ‘consider all factors’

People who want to visit islands such as Thailand should take all of the factors into account when choosing a destination.

This is because Chris Nixon, managing director at Kelkoo Travel, said this is the best way to weigh up a location, which is news that may interest those going on holidays to Thailand.

He noted that flights, accommodation, the weather and activities on offer should all be considered before making a final decision.

When asked what factors matter most to Britons, he said: "Local affordability of goods and services, quality of food, the cost of flights and accommodation, tourist attractions, climate, security and the exchange rate."

Recent research carried out by Kelkoo Travel found that London Heathrow to Bangkok represents the best value long-haul route from the UK.

This may be of interest to those planning a trip to Thailand, while Delhi and Mumbai in India were also included in the top ten.