Watch sea turtles come ashore at Nai Yang beach

There is no better time of the year to sit back, take in some sun and enjoy the beach on a personalised Asia holiday. Imagine it; you’re stretched out on your beach towel, the sand digging deep into the spaces of your toes when a sea turtle emerges from the ocean and begins making its way towards you.

It’s not every day that you are able to see a sea turtle, let alone see one a mere 10 feet away from you. Watching the leatherbacks – the largest of all living turtles – come onto dry land to nest is one of life’s great experiences, so be sure to book your trip between November and February, when the season takes place.

Hat Nai Yang National Park in Phuket, Thailand, has been a renowned tourist attraction for many years. Being only 5 minutes away from the airport, it is a fantastic introduction to Thai beach life, and the turtles are an added bonus!

The beach of Nai Yang has a lovely family village atmosphere for the entire family to enjoy. It is in a location where you could spend the entire day without walking more than 100 yards, with all of the restaurants and bars in your vicinity, not to mention shaded areas for when you want to cool down.

If the kids don’t want to be lazy for the day, don’t worry; there are water sports and dive schools located on the beach as well as snorkelling further out to sea. Just do your best to avoid September and October for visiting as these are the wetter and more humid months of the year.

If you’re after something more than the beach, the waterpark “Splash Jungle” has rides that will have you itching to book now. If you are looking to save some money during your time in Phuket, make sure to book through the website where there are deals from up to 20% off.

Nai Yang Beach is the ideal vacation for the family: Whether it is a picnic in the shade or exploring the Nai Yang beach to experience authentic Phuket life, there is always something to do on this Thai beach.

So, grab a flight and book a hotel that is right on the shore and take a few days to relax beach-side. It is sure to be a holiday that the entire family will enjoy and won’t be one you forget any time soon.