Walk in a land of giants at Bali’s Elephant Safari Park

The Elephant Safari Park was officially opened in 2000. If you’re an animal lover and you’re in the midst of putting plans together for a tailor-made Bali holiday, it’s a great idea to take advantage of the opportunity to walk in a land of giants.


Exploring the Elephant Safari Park

Set in two hectares of tropical gardens, Bali’s Elephant Safari Park offers visitors the chance to get up close and personal with one of earth’s most treasured species and learn more about these gentle giants. During your time at the park, you’ll be able to interact with the elephants, feeding them by hand and trying to stage the perfect selfie to show off to your friends and family at home. You can watch them splashing around in the lake, playing with each other and basking in the sun.

At the Elephant Safari Park, you can also participate in a safari tour. You’ll climb into a rustic wooden seat, and before you know it, you’ll be plodding through the Taro jungle with views from the best seat in the house. You can book your safari as part of a package, and it’s possible to go in groups if you’re traveling with family or friends. If you’re travelling with children, mini elephant rides are available.

After you’ve enjoyed a tour, you can touch and pat the elephants, and have your photograph taken with them. The surrounding gardens and forests are also ripe for exploration, so bring some comfortable shoes.

The park has a large restaurant which looks out over the lake, and there’s also a gift shop, which offers every kind of elephant-related paraphernalia imaginable.

If you’re travelling to Bali, and you’re an elephant lover, a trip to the Elephant Safari Park comes highly recommended. This is one of few places you can interact with and touch elephants, enjoy a guided tour through the lush forests, and feed the animals. You can learn all about elephants at the visitor centre, and you can also watch them show off their strength, agility, and entertainment skills during a show. If you have any questions, the guides will be happy to try and answer them, and there will also be plenty of wonderful photo opportunities on offer. You can book a tour in advance or pay for tickets when you arrive at the park.