Views like no other: Scale Shanghai’s tallest buildings

Views like no other: Scale Shanghai’s tallest buildings

Views like no other: Scale Shanghai’s tallest buildingsShanghai boasts one of the most eye-catching and intriguing skylines on the entire globe and the jagged high rise appearance has been further boosted by the forthcoming opening of the 2,073 ft high Shanghai Tower – that will be recognised as the tallest free standing structure in all of Asia, and the second highest behind Dubai’s stellar 2,716.5 ft high Burj Khalifa.

Of course, while high rise buildings look spectacular from ground level, they are much more appealing from above – that is if you have conquered a potential fear of heights – and structures such as our very own Shard in London have cashed in on the instalment of sky deck viewing platforms whereby awe struck travellers can look out and admire unparalleled views of a surrounding metropolis in a fascinating experience.

Designed by American construction firm Gensler, The Shanghai Tower – which will be a base for mixed activities including retail, dining and events hosting – boasts a unique design of nine circular structures stacked on top of one another, making for an intriguing sight. Until the tower is officially opened next year, travellers on China holidays can still sample cloud fringed viewing platforms in numerous other towers around Shanghai. Here’s the top three:

Oriental Pearl Tower

This iconic structure functions as a TV tower and is instantly recognisable with international travellers on holidays to China, given the two large ball-like structures which appear as part of the tower’s spine. Containing a mighty 15 observation levels, head straight on up to the appropriately named Space Module deck at 1,148 ft for the most spectacular views but an adrenaline junkie’s transparent floor and revolving restaurant are also located at 863 ft and 295 ft respectively.

Jin Mao Tower

Actually located adjacent to the new Shanghai Tower, the 88-storey Jin Mao Tower houses office space as well as the Shanghai Grand Hyatt Hotel and an observation deck boasting 1,520 sq m according to the tower’s official website. For those brave enough to look down, they will see the hotel atrium 88 floors down and if your stomach suddenly starts making somersaults, express elevators take approximately 45 seconds to reach ground level once more.

Shanghai World Financial Center

The 2008-opened Shanghai World Financial Center appears like a giant bottle opener in Shanghai’s Pudong district and mini replica towers – also functioning as bottle openers – are in fact sold at the tower’s gift shop. Boasting three observation levels, admission fees to the decks range between RMB100 and RMB150.