Views for miles around: Shanghai’s best lookout spots

Views for miles around: Shanghai’s best lookout spots

Views for miles around: Shanghai’s best lookout spots By Taylor Wiilliams

Scheduled to officially open in mid-2015, the latest addition to Shanghai’s stellar cast of iconic skyscrapers – the Shanghai Tower – recently had its last beam implemented, taking the building to an incredible 632 metres.

With the building now representing the tallest structure not only in the metropolis but China as a whole, the focus will now switch towards furnishing both the interior and exterior of the mightily impressive skyscraper.

When doors to the 137-storey tower open next year, Shanghai natives can expect the tower to house a luxury Four Seasons hotel, offices and recreational space.

Other skyscrapers in close proximity are often visited by travellers enjoying personalised China holidays for their lookout assets. Here are some of the best viewing platforms in the vicinity.

Shanghai World Financial Centre (SWFC)

Shimmering in silver, the SWFC appears like a giant bottle-opener and appears majestically over other skyscrapers in the city’s waterfront Pudong district.

Opening back in 2008, the SWFC often appeals to tourists given the fact it boasts an observation deck stationed a mighty 100 floors above the ground. This was the highest deck of its kind upon the tower’s completion in 2008.

Oriental Pearl Tower

The Oriental Pearl Tower is many people’s most instantly recognisable landmark when they arrive in Shanghai.

This is probably due to the tower’s rather unique spire that includes huge-scale spheres, of which the largest two span 50 metres wide.

With the tower scaling 468 metres, there are an incredible 14 different observation levels but one of the most visited is at the 267 metre level whereby a rather unique experience can be enjoyed.

Here, travellers can dine in a revolving restaurant! When’s the last time you could you say you dined amidst the clouds?

Jin Mao Tower

Standing right beside our first entry on the list, Shanghai’s Jin Mao Tower takes on a lattice-like exterior with a multi-use development found inside with office space, a hotel and of course an observation deck within its confines.

With the Shanghai Tower on its way to completion, the Jin Mao Tower will be the fourth largest structure in the city and views can be obtained from the observation deck which resides 88 floors into the sky.

The elevator ride up to this level is acclaimed by travellers as being particularly smooth so this should put those looking to conquer their fear of heights at relatively immediate ease.