Try eating out in Kuala Lumpur on Malaysia holidays

There is more to Malaysian cuisine in Kuala Lumpur than people may think, one travel writer has noted.

In a piece for All Voices, Frank Amptmeijer pointed out that migrants have settled in the city from all over the world and created a "melting pot" of flavours.

This could be ideal for those visiting on Malaysia holidays as people can tuck into Cantonese, Thai, Zhezuan and Vietnamese delicacies among many others and experience more than just Malaysian food.

He added: "The many flavours in Kuala Lumpur can easily be tapped into by stopping in one of the thousands of street restaurants, food courts, coffee shops or hawker centres."

But those who are more interested in finding bargains to take home may like to take Mr Amptmeijer's advice and visit the Malaysian city of Melaka, which the writer – reporting for All Voices – described as a "shopping heaven".