Traditional boxing may be highlight of Thailand holidays

Visitors to Bangkok looking to fully embrace all aspects of the culture might like to think about attending one of the region's traditional sports events.

Going to an authentic boxing match could be a great evening out during Thailand holidays, as the events are steeped in history. Before every fight, the combatants pay homage to the sport with a ritual ceremony.

During this, each athlete completes a dance known as the Wai Khru, to show off his talent. The entire process is carried out to show respect and the people believe it brings them protection.

Two of the venues that host regular contests are the Lumpini and Ratchadamnoen Stadiums. Ringside tickets to the combat can cost around 2,000 baht (£40) and these seats could offer the perfect vantage point to view the action.

Muay Thai rules are much more open than those of traditional boxing, as fighters are allowed to use as much of their body as they can to defeat their opponent. This can include punches, kicks, elbows and knees.