Tourists could spot a bearded pig on Borneo holidays

One of south-east Asia's most unique animals is the bearded pig and travellers to the region might like to find out more about the furry animal before they jet off.

It might be one of the more curious creatures to see on Borneo holidays, as it is native to the island. This is because of the characteristics from which it takes its name.

All across its face – particularly on the side and over the bridge of its nose – are yellow hairs that form a tuft. Compared to other pigs, this particular breed has a much slimmer frame but a larger head.

Tourists may find it to be quite different to the sows dotted around Britain's farmyards.

Its Latin name is Sus Barbatus and the London Zoo is currently home to several of the animals. They tend to follow around monkeys swinging through the trees and eating the fruit that they drop.