Tourism flying in Thailand

More and more international holidaymakers are picking out Thailand as the destination for their next trip abroad according to recent projected figures released by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT).

The numbers show a 13% rise in arrivals from around the world, a jump which reveals that tourism in Thailand is well and truly booming.

A total of 16.67 million tourists are expected to have visited the country by the end of the January-June 2016 period, TAT’s governor Yuthasak Supasorn announced. This rise in visitor numbers is also set to bring with it an increase in revenues from tourism that will lift the total to US$23.4bn.

And it’s not just foreign visitors who are increasingly keen to sample the bustle of Bangkok, the natural beauty of the coastline and the experience of a lifetime that is trekking on elephants. Domestic tourism is also up by 4% as more and more Thai residents set out to explore the country around them.

One of the main reasons for the rapid growth of tourism in Thailand is its increasing popularity amongst Chinese travellers, a phenomenon which many have attributed to the popularity of the Chinese film Lost in Thailand. There is expected to be a 32% increase in visitors originating from China, and with such a wealth of jaw-dropping temples, beaches and vibrant nightlife only a relatively short flight away, it is not hard to see why.

Malaysia, Australia and Japan are the three other nations expected to provide the most visitors to Thai shores in Q3 of 2016, with Yuthasak Supasorn also forecasting further growth in the Thai tourism industry as a whole over the course of that quarter.