Top five things to do in Bangkok

Top five things to do in Bangkok

Thailand’s capital city of Bangkok is a thriving hub, perfect for travellers wishing to truly make the most out of their Thailand holidays. Although the jagged skyline, hustle and bustle and heat of the region may seem overwhelming upon first glance, don’t let this retract from what can be considered a city full of fulfilling experiences and memories that will last a lifetime.

Bangkok is unmistakable nowadays compared to her humble beginnings whereby this riverside hub existed as a trading post serving the people of the banks of the Chao Phraya River but following its capital of the Siam province status – as granted by King Rama I in 1782, Bangkok started to develop into what is regarded as one of the most celebrated cities in Asia today.

The Thai capital is huge in scale so doing some prep work beforehand or embarking on one of the guided tours may be within your best interests before taking to the streets of this fantastic environment. Let us help you by identifying five key travellers’ hotspots, to whet your appetite before your Asian adventure.

Floating market

You can’t experience something like this back at home! Bangkok’s floating market is located in the Damnoen Saduak district and is possibly the most unique experience in the city. Get close to the heartbeat of everyday life in Bangkok by oaring your way through finely constructed waterways as you smell an array of freshly prepared local cuisines located right beside you on the shore.

The Temple of Dawn

Admit it. Everybody loves to show off an impressive portfolio of photographs to friends, family and work associates when returning home from a memorable holiday. One hotspot you will want to capture yourself adjacent to is Bangkok’s iconic Temple of Dawn or Wat Arun as it’s known to locals. Comprising an unmistakable tall spire, the temple gains its name from King Taksin who arrived at the seventeenth century-constructed structure at the break of dawn following conflict with the Burmere army in Ayutthaya.


Whilst many cities worldwide and even back home comprise a Chinatown, don’t let this put you off sampling Bangkok’s very own oriental quarter. If the bright, sparkling UV signs don’t capture your imagination, the people certainly will with a loud and thriving food and entertainment scene – notably the Yaowarat Road that has tourists looking every which way as they are enraptured by the liveliness of the district.

Siam Ocean World

If embarking on a trip to Bangkok with family, you’re little ones will be amazed after a trip to the Siam Ocean World aquarium boasting a plentiful collection of sharks and creatures of the Amazon. Stare at these remarkable beings just centimetres away as you peer through the glass of the specially constructed panoramic tunnels.

Wat Pho

If you are up for something entirely therapeutic during your holidays to Thailand, a trip to Wat Pho or the Temple of the Reclining Buddha will certainly appeal to your tastes. Traditional Thai massages don’t come more authentic than one at Wat Pho with courses being taught as well as sessions themselves which are described as invigorating rather than relaxing. Wat Pho is much more than a massage parlour however. In fact the tourists hotspot includes a 46 metre long golden Buddha which is a wonder to behold in itself.