Top 5 photo opportunities in Pangkor

Top 5 photo opportunities in Pangkor

Top 5 photo opportunities in Pangkor

By Taylor Williams

Spanning just 18 square kilometres, the Malaysian island of Pangkor is more easily negotiable than most holiday destinations worldwide.

Situated in the waters of the Malacca Strait and detached around 2.2 miles from the Malaysian mainland, the contemporary retreat famed for its resorts grew from rather modest beginnings as a honeypot for fishermen and sea merchants.

Nowadays, travellers embarking on personalised Malaysia holidays in Pangkor can expect relaxed beaches, fishing villages and sites of significant historical importance.

In order to arm you with a hit list of popular pursuits to travel to during your stay in Pangkor, here are the top five photo opportunities on the island.

Kali Amman Temple

Pangkor’s sole Indian temple is situated in the locality of Sungai Pinang Kecil and is a wonder to behold for individuals who aren’t even religious.

Kali is a goddess who embodies empowerment and a shrine of the Hindu icon resides on a beach facing the sea as a mark of protecting the regional community from deadly waves.

Dutch Fort

This landmark has endured quite a history, having been erected, knocked down and rebuilt since its establishment in 1670. The fortification was constructed by the Dutch to house tin supplies sourced from Perak.

Today, the fort is essentially three brick walls with circular portholes embossed within the brickwork.

Mini Great Wall

Now you may be holidaying in Malaysia but there is an overall air of a connected Asia when visiting this landmark.

A scaled-down replica of the famous Great Wall of China is located at the Fu Lin Gong Chinese Temple which combines fish-filled ponds with awe-inspiring Buddhist statues. You’ll love reliving your experiences here having taken plenty of photos.

Batu Bersurat

Also referred to as Tiger Rock, Batu Bersurat represents a large inscribed stone housed beneath a shelter and situated nearby the previously mentioned Dutch Fort.

The inscription depicts a tiger carrying a small child with one theory suggesting it was crafted by soldiers communicating the capture of a leading Dutch East India Company figure’s son snatched back in 1743.

Coral Bay

We mentioned previously that Pangkor boasts its fair share of beaches and the best one to observe a sunset has to be Coral Bay situated on the island’s west coast.

There are many resorts located around Teluk Nipah such as the Pangkor Inn Chalet and Suria Beach Resort but the sunset isn’t reserved for these guests alone so head on down for the perfect way to end your day exploring the island.