Top 3 adventures in Thailand

Thailand is one of the most dynamic countries on earth. Bangkok is a riot of activity, spectacular waterfalls appear out of nowhere deep in the forest and even the food sings in your mouth with punchy flavours. Wherever you go, you are bound to find adventure: from caving, white water rafting and diving to climbing, sailing and trekking, there are heaps of activities to get stuck into.

But there’s so much to do here that if you’re only passing through on a wider personalised holiday in Asia, you may need to concentrate on a few extra special adventures. To help you get the very best out of your trip to Thailand, here are three experiences which you won’t forget in a hurry.


Zip lining

If you’ve ever done a rainforest trek and wished you could view the scenery from the perspective of the monkeys that swing through the canopies above your head, this is for you. In Thailand, you can take a zipwire through the tree tops of the Chiang Mai rainforests. As you fizz along the cable suspended above the 1500-year old rainforest, the views will take your breath away. And if the adrenaline rush has got you itching for more, you can combine your experience with rock climbing, mountain biking and more – all in the local area.

Muay Thai training camp

If you’ve been hitting the gym to get a beach body for your trip and you don’t want your efforts to go to waste, why not enrol in kickboxing training. There are lots of gyms all around Thailand where you can try out this exotic martial art for even just a day. It’s great fun and the workout will leave you feeling truly energised, as well as less guilty about going out to get stuck into the local cuisine in the evening! Another advantage of this indoor activity is that it is very much an all-weather pursuit. If your trip coincides with the rainy season, no problems there!

Diving in Khao Lak

Thailand is rightly famous for the palm-lined white sand of its beaches and the stunning blue hues of its waters, and one of the best ways to enjoy the ocean here is scuba diving. There are three wreckages full of interesting fish for you to explore, and the world-famous Similan Islands are a hot location for whale sharks and manta rays. Khao Lak is only 60km from Phuket, but there are few tourists and with a bit of luck you’ll have sections of the shore largely to yourself.