The top 3 gardens in Singapore

There are few cities with as much lush, tropical greenery as Singapore, and few have sculpted gardens to match the ‘City in a Garden’ either. From the Gardens By The Bay, which contain more than 1 million plants, to the giant Singapore Botanic Gardens, there are loads of beautiful green spaces to explore in between the state-of-the-art architecture.


Gardens By The Bay

After a series of green-thinking moves by the government of Singapore, the city has now been coined a ‘City in a Garden’, and that is in large part thanks to this iconic park. Set right in the centre of the city, Gardens By The Bay is formed of three waterfront gardens, all with their own unique feel and calming spaces for a stroll. The Bay East Garden was designed as a series of spaces all shaped like a tropical leaf, while the layout of the Bay South Garden draws inspiration from the country’s national flower, an orchid. The Flower Dome and Cloud Forest conservatories are a particular draw, the latter boasting a verdant green Cloud Mountain completely clad in orchids, ferns, mosses and other plant life. The most iconic sight here, though, is the Supertree Grove. Giant living structures stretch into the sky like a vision from another planet, and in the evening they are even more spectacular: when the sun sets, they come alive with a stunning spectacle called Garden Rhapsody.


National Orchid Garden

Part of the wider Singapore Botanic Gardens, this is surely one of the most visually dazzling gardens anywhere on earth. The landscaped slopes hold four different colour zones matching the seasons: the spring zone is a lively mix of bright yellows, the summer zone has stronger reds and pinks and the autumn and winter zones move into matured shades and cooler whites and violet. There are over 1000 species in all, and the park is well worth seeking out on the highest hill of the Botanic Gardens.


The Southern Ridges

If you’re looking for a more off-the-beaten-track garden experience, you can take the trail of The Southern Ridges. Five different parks in all lie along the route from West Coast Park to Mount Faber, and they are a fantastic respite from the bustle of this modern city. Make sure to look out for the Henderson Waves bridge, a magical piece of design that curves and twists like a wave along its entire length, suspended 36 metres above ground. Spot it along the stretch of the route between Kent Ridge Park and Mount Faber.