The island paradise of Koh Rong

A mere 25 kilometres off the Sihanoukville coast in the Gulf of Thailand is Koh Rong island, a little-known paradise that’s the second largest island off Cambodia. Koh Rong is perfect for those looking to unplug and spend a few days on some of the best beaches in Southeast Asia. The island is 78 square kilometres in total, with beautiful beaches making up most of that area.

Gloriously untouched, Koh Rong has only really been discovered by tourists in the past decade. Add in the approximately 1,000 residents along with the four small villages on the island, and this makes Koh Rong an easy place to kick back and relax. It’s an ideal destination for backpack travelers who wish to get away from the traffic and bustle of city life and relax in a comfortable holiday house.


Koh Rong’s main attractions


The center of Koh Rong is the Koh Tuich Village, a small village area consisting of beach bars and affordable hostels. Travelers can walk the length of the main drag in five minutes or less, illustrating how quaint and small the island is.

As for the beaches, the best one is Long Beach, a 45 minute walk through the jungle from Koh Tuich Village. This beach, largely untouched by developers and local businesses, is 43 kilometers long, and the white sand and bright blue ocean makes it a must-see. At night, there are boat tours to check out the phosphorescence, or plankton, that glow in the water. Don’t forget the snorkeling tours, fishing excursions and kayaking trips you can partake in as well.

Of course, there is plenty to do in the jungle too. The adventurous can check out High Point Rope Park, a zip line connected to 23 trees. Riders can fly through the jungle at heights of up to 24 meters. What better way to take in the scenic views of the jungle and have a little fun at the same time?

Despite being a small island, there are plenty of activities to try on Koh Rong. If you’re dreaming of sun, sand, sea and the chance to escape to a beautiful retreat, this paradise island will deliver plenty of the desired sunny spots located at arm’s reach of a cold cocktail at a nearby bar. Equally, if you want to explore a new land and all the sights it has to offer, there are ample activities to keep you busy both out on the water and in the jungle. The choice to relax or explore this untouched Asian destination is up to you.