The best of Hong Island by canoe

Thailand is a magical country, which boasts a stunning collection of picture postcard islands that have captured the imagination of travellers and tourists for decades. Whether you’re looking to party into the early hours or you want to be marooned on your own desert island, there’s something for everyone. If you’re preparing for your tailor-made Thailand holiday, a trip out to the tropical islands is a must. Among the spectacular adventures on offer is a canoe excursion around tranquil Hong Island. If you like the sound of crystal clear turquoise waters, the sun on your skin, and complete peace and quiet, this could be the trip for you.

Hong Island is part of an array of dazzlingly beautiful islands located off the coast of Krabi in the south west of the country. From Krabi, you can catch speedboats or traditional long tail boats out to the islands. Tourist hot spots like Railay Beach are undoubtedly incredibly beautiful, but if you’re keen to escape the crowds and enjoy Thailand at its best, an excursion to Hong Island comes highly recommended.

The best of Hong Island by canoe

Hong Island is regarded as one of Thailand’s most attractive islands and it has retained its charm despite the ever-increasing popularity of the country as a tourist destination. The best way to see Hong Island is by sea canoe. It’s hard to put into words the setting you’ll encounter when you set foot onto the boat and make for this precious gem floating in the Andaman Sea. The water is impossibly vivid and the golden sands glisten as the sun beats down. If you’ve ever stopped to think what paradise looks like, Hong Island will give you a good idea.

Most excursions to Hong Island depart from Panak Island. You’ll catch a boat and around 20 minutes later, you’ll arrive on the shores of Hong Island. Here, you can explore on foot before climbing into your canoe and embarking on your voyage of discovery. When you’re in the water, you can navigate your way to the fascinating sea caves and marvel at the weird and wonderful shapes formed by stalagmites and stalactites. You can explore the dramatic rock formations and cruise along the smooth, rippling waters, taking in the views and enjoying the gentle motion of the waves. If you’re a wildlife fan, keep your eyes peeled for local residents, including the famous swiftlet bird, which creates edible nests that Thai chefs use in bird’s nest soup.

When you’ve finished with your canoe, take the opportunity to dive into the warm water and have a swim or grab your snorkel and see what you can find lurking beneath the surface. There’s a diverse range of sea life on offer in the waters surrounding Krabi and the clarity of the water makes for excellent wildlife spotting opportunities. When you get back on land, you can relax and soak up the sun on one of the beautiful white sand beaches. Stay into the evening and you will be treated to some spectacular sunsets.