Thailand holidays ‘popular among families’

An increasing number of parents are taking their children to far-away destinations as part of their family vacations, new research has shown.

Carried out by Aviva, the study revealed kids are heading off to a much wider range of locations than their mother and father ever did, with 94 per cent of youngsters under the age of 16 having been abroad at one point or another.

And it appears Thailand holidays are becoming an increasingly popular option for mums and dads, with seven per cent of adolescents having visited Asia – despite the continent often being associated with students and the very wealthy.

Jerry Finch, travel insurance product manager at Aviva – the sixth largest insurance group based on gross premiums in the world – said: "Children nowadays are better travelled and have experienced a wider range of cultures than ever before."

The number of youngsters jetting off abroad is the best example of the increasing appetite for travel in the modern day, the industry figure added.