Thailand holidays ‘perfect for diving enthusiasts’

Diving trips to Thailand are becoming increasingly popular with tourists.

Around the towns and islands in the Gulf of Thailand and Andaman Sea there are over 50 centres for scuba diving, which may appeal to people on active Thailand holidays.

Koh Bon, Phuket and the Phi Phi Islands are among the best locations for those who want to try out the water-based activity.

From October to June has been picked out as the best time to go to the nation for this purpose, as people look to see a range of maritime wildlife, including silver tip sharks, whale sharks and pelagic fishes.

The pastime is perfect for adventure lovers and the biodiversity offered by the country is one of the main reasons that it attracts divers.

In the 2011 Norwegian Grand Travel Awards, Thailand was named as the best tourist country, which is the eighth consecutive year that it has scooped this prize.