Thailand holidays may take in a spa visit

The spa industry in south-east Asia is becoming increasing popular.

According to Karen Emmons, writing for the Tourism Authority of Thailand, those who go on multi centre Thailand holidays will enjoy the experience.

Many of the operators are tailoring their offerings to make them as authentic as possible, while traditional medicine specialists have also been consulted.

"The Thai government has invested in the development of Thai-style holistic health care, herbal products, a training curriculum on Thai traditional massage [and] a bachelor's degree curriculum," Ms Emmons added.

Because of this, the quality of the experience – which will include a massage with exotic oils and Buddhist meditation – could be enhanced.

According to the Thai Spa Association, there were 4.7 million international visitors in 2010 to centres around the nation.

It comes after it was revealed that since opening three months ago, lifestyle resort akyra Chura Samui has recorded 90 per cent occupancy rates.