Thailand holidays ‘could coincide with the Bangkok film festival’

Roman PolanskiThe World Film Festival of Bangkok is to take place once more this year, going on from September 5th until the 14th, with submissions for the programme being accepted until October 1st.

People on Thailand holidays could find the event a lot of fun as over 80 international movies are screened each time, with pictures coming from Latin America, south-east Asia, Asia and the European Union Film Festival.

It has been running for more than 12 years and both cinematic masters and emerging young talent make their way to the city to showcase their abilities.

Past flicks that have been presented during proceedings include Tsunami Digital Short Films – featuring the works of some Thai directors – to honour the first anniversary of the Boxing Day disaster, with funding provided by the Ministry of Culture’s Office of Contemporary Art and Culture.

And during 2005, Roman Polanski’s Oliver Twist was the opening movie, with the director himself appearing at the festival.