Thai tourism wave expected for Songkran holiday period

Thai tourism wave expected for Songkran holiday period

Thai tourism wave expected for Songkran holiday periodThere will be a massive increase in the number of holidays in Phuket during the forthcoming Songkran period according to the Thai Hotels Association (THA) and The Association of Thai Travel Agents (ATTA) who cite political stability and a positive environment as reasons behind an impending tourism wave.

Songkran represents the traditional New Year as celebrated throughout Southeast Asia and the period usually brings economic positivity and increased revenue given the time off that individuals are entitled to.

The early signs are positive that Songkran will once more yield a vibrant, active Phuket with the THA confirming that hotel bookings within the region are almost full. Two of Thailand’s major hubs – Pattaya and Chiang Mai already possess incredibly high hotel occupancy rates at 70 and 80-90 per cent respectively while an average of 70 per cent is expected for the Phuket region.

Evidence of high hotel occupancy rates and a potentially booming tourism wave in Phuket was further bolstered by ATTA president Sisdivachr Cheewarattanaporn who has already witnessed increased passenger activity and congestion at the island resort’s international airport.

As well as proving popular with European travellers, Phuket also appeals to the fellow Asian market with Chinese, Malaysian, Singaporean and even Thai tourists themselves embarking on shorter cross-border ventures.

Thailand’s tourism industry as a whole has enjoyed a prosperous start to 2013 with January and February witnessing increases of up to 18.8 per cent in respect of the number of visitors arriving on Thai shores.

Contributing to a grand arrival figure of 4.56 million, the boom is fantastic for the economy, although this unprecedented rise has revealed cases of labour and accommodation shortages throughout the nation.