Thai ministry aim to boost tourism in Koh Samet

Thai ministry aim to boost tourism in Koh Samet

Thai ministry aim to boost tourism in Koh SametThailand’s Ministry of Tourism and Sports are making plans to increase the number of individuals embarking on future holidays to Thailand in the resort of Koh Samet – the Eastern Gulf Coast island that was unfortunately hit by a mass oil spill in July.

In light of the disaster, great strides have been made to clean up Koh Samet’s beaches but now international traveller confidence must be restored and the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) will now work with the Ministry of Tourism and Sports to increase visitor numbers once more.

Part of the directive that will inject a shot in the arm for Koh Samet will revolve around promoting the resort and creating a buzz prior to the high season for both national and international travellers.

Of course, following an oil spill, it is understandable that travellers would be wary considering where exactly they are ambling but as part of the new marketing plans, the ministry’s Mr Somsak Pureesrisak confirmed that a party concert – entitled ‘Samet we love’ – will take place at Sai Kaew beach, reassuring visitors as that crucial first step that Koh Samet-based beaches can thrive once again.

As well as hosting confidence boosting events in Koh Samet itself, tourism representatives will also spread the word throughout Asia and Europe with Japan’s ‘Jatar Tradeworld Showcase’, Russia’s ‘Leisure Moscow’ and China’s ‘PATA Travel Mart’ events representing some of the largest gatherings in the tourism fraternity, offering the perfect opportunity to showcase the revitalised communities of Koh Samet.

With no quick fix available for Koh Samet, everyone in the ministry and TAT will have to pull together so that this idyllic corner of Asia can flourish again.