Stay somewhere on Malaysia holidays that ‘lives and breathes art’

Visiting galleries is a great thing to do when visiting a country, but it is even better to stay in a place that lives and breathes art.

This is according to Business Times writer Cheah Ui-Hoon, who recommends visiting Sekeping Tenggiri in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.

It features the works of Ng Sek San – who the reporter called one of Malaysia's most prominent landscape architects – and he put aside ten per cent of his yearly profits to buy the creations of others around 15 years ago.

Moreover, his collection from various artists consists of between 300 and 400 pieces.

But those on Malaysia holidays who are heading north might link to check out Langkawi, which was described by Amir Hafizi, writing for the Malay Mail, as one of the most popular tourists areas in the country.

And one place in particular that could be worth visiting is Burau Bay.