Spiritual highlights in Burma

Sunrise landscape view with silhouettes of old temples, Bagan

Sunrise landscape view with silhouettes of old temples, BaganBurma has a fascinating and storied past, which provides a juxtaposition to its strong, Buddhist ethos. This is one of the most devout Buddhist countries in the world and today it is a place that is attracting a growing number of visitors looking to explore spiritual highlights and treat themselves to a different kind of holiday. After years of turmoil, Burma (Myanmar) has emerged as an intriguing newcomer on travel hit-lists and it offers the chance to immerse yourself in a rich culture. If you’re planning a personalised Burma holiday and you’re hoping to embrace and celebrate your spiritual side, here are some highlights:

Yoga retreats in Burma

Yoga retreats have become increasingly popular over the course of the last decade and Burma provides a truly spectacular setting for those who are hoping to focus on their mental and physical wellbeing and escape it all. There are several resorts and schools that offer yoga retreats in Burma and you can really take advantage of the mystical and magical scenery and the strong spiritual influences that infuse and penetrate day to day life in Burma.


Buddhism is incredibly important to Burmese people and meditation is a common practice. In Burma, you can meditate almost anywhere. There are several retreats and classes available or you can select your own path and choose some spiritual spots to explore and take some time out with your thoughts. Many people are inspired by their natural surroundings and they feel at peace in the outdoors, while others feel comforted by the presence of spiritual leaders at religious institutions. If you plan to centre your trip around meditation, it’s well worth looking into retreats and structured sessions, particularly if you’re keen to learn more about the history and significance of meditation or you want to find out more about traditional Buddhist practices. Alternatively, you can incorporate meditation into a more flexible itinerary, which also enables you to travel around more.

Temples and pagodas

If you’re hoping to visit places of cultural and religious significance during your time in Burma, you won’t be disappointed. There is a huge number of temples and pagodas in this fascinating country and it’s worth spending time visiting the ornate structures and learning more about their symbolism. Highlights include Shwedagon Paya in Yangon, Mahamuni Paya in Mandalay and Shwesandaw Paya in Pyay. Many of the iconic temples of Burma are located within remote, rural settings and travelling around gives you a real sense of how dramatic and beautiful Burma really is.