Southeast Asia’s highest tower to be constructed in Bangkok

One tourist attraction that the Thai capital of Bangkok has perhaps been missing is a skyscraper-topping observation deck from which to view the city in all its glory, but a new 459-metre-high tower along the river waterfront is about to change that.

The Bangkok Observation Tower, to be located on the banks of the Chao Phraya River, will come in at sixth in the list of the world’s highest buildings and will take the top spot as Southeast Asia’s tallest tower.

The Thai cabinet have now given their approval for the construction of this great project to begin, an undertaking which will cost approximately US$138million and is to be funded by more than 50 private sector organisations.

The President of the Tourism Council of Thailand, Mr. Ittirit Kinglake, expressed his excitement at a much-anticipated addition to the country’s roster of tourist attractions.

“The tower is the most important new addition to Bangkok’srich array of tourism magnets and one that will attract people from around the world. The Bangkok Observation Tower helps mark our city as one of the world’s most important and exciting destinations.

“There were 32.6 million visitors to Thailand in 2016 who, together, spent almost 72 billion dollars. In 2020, the number of visitors to Thailand is expected to increase to be 41.5 million visitors. Tourism has consistently been one of our country’s most important revenue sources and accounts for 17.7% of GDP. The coming of the tower will act as significant tourism drivers for the country,” he said.

Bangkok is a dazzling whirlwind of interesting sights and smells, of street food sizzling over flame, architectural heritage mixed with modernist landmarks, and a dynamic maze of streets. And once the tower has been completed, it looks set to be an exciting opportunity for tourist to get a new viewpoint on this fantastic city.