Sample the turquoise waters and sandy beaches of Bali

Sample the turquoise waters and sandy beaches of Bali

Ever crave that feeling of escapism and simply forgetting all your troubles by fleeing to a sand clad paradise far away from home? The picture postcard image in your head right now is probably not far off what the Indonesian island of Bali offers as a destination with turquoise waters, generously sandy beaches and peaceful retreats representing just some of the key assets of this fascinating environment.

For those unfamiliar with this particular region of South East Asia, Bali is sandwiched in between the islands of Java and Lombok, surrounded by the waters of the Bali Sea. Furthermore surrounded by the Indian Ocean, Bali has a population of 4.22 million according to the 2010 census.

Bali is affectionately regarded as the Island of the Gods, and it isn’t any wonder why with an embarrassment of tranquil hideaway spots placing relaxation at the top of the agenda. Bali’s Southeastern islands, and the Nusa Lembongan region in particular, probably consists of most of the luxuries people imagine when first thinking of visiting this incredible part of the world.

The coast here is lined by luxury beach huts that perch proudly on the plateaus, offering fascinating views over the clear aqua waters while simultaneously providing a perfect surf for water sports enthusiasts who themselves are inclined to visit this area of Bali, as opposed to the north mainland, which offers inferior waves.

But the north is worth visiting for many other reasons in its own right. The coastal town of Lovina is a traditional fishing village, which features black sand beaches that can be walked along at peace but, before you leave the region, make sure to pay a visit to the Banjar Hot Springs – a secluded tree lined garden setting featuring stone carved mouths that send gushing water into the spring itself.

If you are hopping between towns and settlements on your holidays in Bali, you are more than likely to end up in the capital Denpasar, which is fascinating for any lover of culture and sightseeing. The city skyline is set off by a large number of temples and palaces – a haven for budding photographers­­­. However, one particular attraction to visit is the Palace of Satria and the Royal Temples, which house the royal family of Denpasar while remaining open for religious-types to worship.

After a busy day trekking to the lively urbanities, what can be more pleasurable than returning to your beach retreat on Bali holidays and resting those tired limbs with a cocktail and a view across the turquoise waters of the Bali Sea?

If you’re accommodation isn’t located on the coast, plan a day trip to the Nusa Dua peninsula, which boasts golden sands and a series of luxury hotels. Perhaps this location is perfect for a day trip as opposed to an extended stay as the manned security check and westernised features such as a golf course make for a honeypot-like environment, but there is no doubting the range of things to do during your stay.

Holidays to this particular region of Asia are spiritually fulfilling and you will fall in love with the place with friendly locals supplementing the wonderful environment, which could quite rightly make a claim for paradise on earth.