Plenty of daytrip options ‘on Malaysia holidays’

There are plenty of daytrip options for those thinking of visiting Malaysia and Frank Amptmeijer, writing for All Voices, noted Port Dickinson could be one particular highlight.

He said the area has the nearest beach to Kuala Lumpur, which can be reached in just under one hour, adding: "The small harbour town offers long white sandy beaches and an ideal place to organize a picnic or barbeque at the beach."

Individuals who are considering Malaysia holidays might also like to be aware that there are some "wonderful" resorts near Port Dickinson.

Other regions which may appeal to visitors includes Bukit Tinggi, which Mr Amptmeijer observed is idyllic and similar to an old German or French town from a few centuries ago.

Earlier this month, he pointed out that Melaka is a buzzing city and described it as a "shopping heaven", while it recently received a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation World Heritage Site qualification.