Phuket holidays ‘could include music fiesta RoyFest’

Vinyl recordMusic-loving travellers eager to experience another country’s perspective on their passion might enjoy RoyFest, which is taking place on June 25th and 26th in Thailand.

People on Phuket holidays this month will be able to strut their stuff on the dance floor for free to a number of live acts, as well as a host of both international and local DJs.

Billed as the Full Moon Version, the event – which is taking place on Karon Beach – starts at 18:00 local time, so those enjoying Thailand holidays can spend a lovely day sunning themselves on the sand before partying the night away in style.

The line-up includes artists such as Joe Fox, Tamone, Mahajamruen, DJ Spydermonkee, Bhudda Bless and fourgusm Live Band.

Also going on later this year is the World Film Festival of Bangkok, which is being held from September 5th until the 14th, featuring more than 80 international movies.