People to budget for Thailand holidays?

Tourists have to make sure they budget properly before heading on a trip to foreign climes.

According to research by M&S Money, 40 per cent of people – which could include those going on Thailand holidays – do not plan how they will spend their money.

Some 32 per cent think they are going to blow more in 2011 that they did last year, while nearly 25 per cent believe getting away is the one extravagance they have every 12 months and so they should not have to watch what they overindulge on.

James Yerkess, head of travel money at M&S Money, said: "[Put] together a simple budget for your holiday essentials and then you'll know how much you've got left to splurge on those holiday luxuries."

It comes after recent research by the group found 32 per cent of those questioned expect to spend on average £365 on a foreign excursion.