People could dine extensively on holiday to Phuket

Britons going aboard like to spend their cash on wining and dining.

Research from Churchill Travel Insurance found tourists – which may include those on Phuket holidays – splash out £42 a day on food.

Over the course of a fortnight individuals part with on average £610, spend fours hours a day leisurely eating and 45 per cent admit they consume more when away than they would do at home.

Annette Fox, spokeswoman for Churchill Travel Insurance, said: "It seems that British travellers are making the most of the cuisine on offer in other countries while they are abroad."

People making their way to Thailand will have to get used to eating food cooked with spices and fresh herbs, while a number of meals will be accompanied with rice.

Among the specialities that are well know include Thai green curry, local fruit ponelamai and Yams, while noodle soup could also be on the menu.