Panda themed hotel opens in Sichuan

Panda themed hotel opens in Sichuan

Holidays to China and the Sichuan province in particular have taken on even more of an authentic Asian feel after the world’s first panda themed hotel opened in the region.

Fully entitled the Haoduo Panda Hotel, the accommodation will comprise a range of panda and bamboo decorated murals and paintings on the interior and exterior of the hotel with arguably the biggest unique selling point being the staff who are even dressed in life-size panda costumes making the experience fun, enjoyable and distinctive for guests.

Reasons for choosing this type of theme were justified by the manager of the hotel who claimed to China News “I hope that all of these pandas will help people return to nature, and find simple and true happiness.”

The Haoduo Panda Hotel is actually located at the foot of Mount Emei – the highest of the Four Sacred Buddhist Mountains of China and this mist-shrouded landscape is inhabited by giant panda, hence the desirable location for the hotel.

Given that panda are an endangered species with only 1,000 or so left in the wild according to the World Conversation Union’s (UCN’s) Red List of Threatened Animals, sightings of such wildlife in their natural habitat are not just rare but also a once in a lifetime moment for travellers who can’t see these species in other regions worldwide.

This is all the more reason for pandas to be celebrated and enjoyed by humankind with themed hotels particularly proving a hit across China and neighbouring Asian nations. Toy company Mattel have even opened an official Barbie-themed restaurant in Taiwan whereby high heel shaped tables, pink influenced hoardings and tutu-laden staff all contribute to an instantly recognisable and entertaining venue for travellers.