New music video to inspire more Thailand holidays?

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has recruited one of Thailand's most famous singers to entice tourists.

The body hopes that by getting Thongchai 'Bird' McIntyre to sing in Mandarin it will be able to attract more people to go on Thailand holidays.

Suraphon Svetasreni, governor for the TAT, noted that "music is a universal language [and it is] understood by everyone".

He added that through the "power of music", the brand image of the nation will be underscored.

A three-minute video has been created to go alongside the promotion and as well as Bird it features well-known actress and singer and Sonia Sui.

"We think this video will pull at the heart-strings of potential visitors," Mr Svetasreni observed.

Individuals who make their way to the country may be tempted to check out the 13th International Festival of Dance and Music in Bangkok, which is running until October 16th at the Thailand Cultural Centre.