New eco routes could benefit people on Thailand holidays

Jet-setters eager to have real experiences of the Far East may soon be able to embark on an eco tour of Thailand, Laos and Vietnam as the Thai ambassador to Vientiane is to suggest that routes eight and 12 be developed for use.

Vitavas Srivihok will discuss the matter with the other two countries as an alternative to route nine, a trade highway, the Bangkok Post reports.

There are waterfalls, caves and other attractive features that may appeal to those on Thailand holidays along eight and 12 and Mr Vitavas noted that the opening of the third Thai-Lao bridge in November could drive up tourism along the Nakhon Phanom-Khammouane route.

"Laos doesn't want to be treated as a passageway [but this will require it to] develop its potential for tourism on routes eight and 12," he remarked.

Tourists may also like to visit Thailand's Koh Samui while away as Chris Reed of the New Zealand Herald recently stated that there are lots of activities to enjoy, such as checking out street markets and the various bars.