New app harnesses safer taxi travel in Kuala Lumpur

New app harnesses safer taxi travel in Kuala Lumpur

New app harnesses safer taxi travel in Kuala LumpurFor travellers spending their holidays to Malaysia in the capital Kuala Lumpur, they may benefit from taxi travel if they’ve not rented a hire car and such transport means has become safer than ever before, thanks to the establishment of a new smartphone app.

MyTeksi which is officially billed as Malaysia’s most innovative taxi booking app offers travellers all the information they require when in need of a ride, in a succinct and sophisticated manner.

For those looking to hot foot it around the majority of KL during their stay, which spans a mighty 94 sq km or so at that, travellers can draw comfort from the fact that within the app’s functionality is vital information such as the driver’s name, photograph, mobile contact number as well as the vehicle’s registration number.

With tourists empowered like never before, themes of trust and comfort are placed at the core of MyTeksi’s operative.

Not simply content with providing such information on a handily ergonomic interface for its consumers, MyTeksi also harnesses its digital knowledge to provide the ‘Share My Ride’ feature – a ground-breaking facility whereby passengers can even share their travelling route in real time with family members or loved ones.

This way, getting lost is near on impossible and those close by will be ensured peace of mind in knowing where you are heading at all times.

Head of marketing at MyTeksi, Aaron Gill enthused “You will be able to know where your taxi driver is even before boarding the taxi.

“We have a customer from London working in the Klang Valley who shares her route with her mother every time she’s in the taxi.”