Malaysia’s best rainforests

Treetops of Dense Tropical Rainforest With Morning Fog Located N

Treetops of Dense Tropical Rainforest With Morning Fog Located NMalaysia is a truly magical country, which offers something for every traveller. Whether you enjoy city slicking or you’re desperate to escape it all, a personalised Malaysia holiday won’t disappoint. One of the most wonderful features of Malaysian geography is the prevalence of green spaces, including dense rainforest. If you like action-packed activities or you’re hoping to combine urban adventures with the chance to explore natural wonders, here are some of the best rainforests to discover on your travels.

Danum Valley Conservation Area

Located in Sabah, a Malaysian state in Borneo, Danum Valley Conservation Area stretches more than 400 square metres. There are accommodation options within easy reach of the area and an abundance of hiking and nature trails available. The beauty of this forested area is the tranquillity. When you’re meandering through the canopy walkways you’ll feel like you’re in another world and there’s an enchanting but ethereal atmosphere. As well as enjoying trails such as the Coffin Trail, which takes you to an ancient burial site, you can also look out for wildlife in the trees on a jungle trek or travel down the Danum River in style on a tubing trip. Local residents that have been spotted in the area include Bornean orangutans, macaques, gibbons, Asian elephants, proboscis monkeys, sun bears and clouded leopards.

Taman Negara

A vast forest located on the Malay Peninsula, the Taman Negara rainforest is one of the oldest rainforests in the world, dating back 130 million years. The park spans more than 4,300 square kilometres and it is one of Malaysia’s prized assets. A sprawling natural wonderland boasting rumbling rivers, clear streams, endless tree canopies and domineering mountains, this is a place you could easily spend weeks exploring. Planning your trip is essential, as the park is so vast. The main entry point, Kuala Tahan, will bring you to the start of the famous canopy walkway, which is located 45 metres in the air. As you wander through the forests, you’ll learn about the history of Taman Negara, its significance and the many species of animals, plant life and birds that make up this diverse ecosystem. You can hike and walk for hours, but if you fancy a rest and you want to take advantage of a brilliant way to experience the forest, it’s a good idea to take a boat ride. As you sail along, you can listen to the calls of the birds as you watch water buffalo cooling off in the heat and macaques swinging in the trees.