Malaysia holidays ‘could include a stay at a Muslim retreat’

MosquePeople eager to go on a break and try out new experiences might like to head to Kuala Lumpur, as the state intends to set up Muslim retreats in the region.

Speaking to the Star newspaper, Datuk Takiyuddin Hassan – local government, culture and tourism committee chairman – noted that these packages are to be offered to those on Malaysia holidays over the course of two or three days, teaching them the rudiments of Islam.

Various classes are to be put on in the north-eastern province of Kelantan, in an attempt to encourage people to take Malaysia holidays there.

Mr Hussan stated that, although "comfortable apartments" will be provided for travellers, the lessons will be taught in a similar way to how local children receive religious instruction.

Meanwhile, a trip to Penang could – according to Zoe Strimpel of City AM – offer globetrotters an "authentic experience", complete with giant monitor lizards, monkeys and the jungle.