Make the most of your Singaporean experience

Make the most of your Singaporean experience

By Matt Tewhatu

Make the most of your Singaporean experienceKnown as the gateway to southeast Asia, the vast array of cultural experiences the city offers makes Singapore one of the most memorable cities that you’re likely to visit. A city-state located off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, Singapore has become one of the world’s commercial hubs and its colourful history has cemented it as one of the world’s most fascinating cities.

Whether it’s sunning yourself at one of Singapore’s icons or enjoying a cocktail and a curry in one of the city’s cultural pockets, we’ve identified activities that will help you make the most of your tailor-made Singapore holiday.

Clarke Quay

Straddling the banks of the Singapore River, Clarke Quay used to be one of the city’s main commercial hubs. However the district is now a very popular destination for its nightlife. Offering a maze full of concept bars, nightclubs, restaurants and retail stores, it won’t just be its list of attractions that dazzles you with the lights adorning the precinct just as impressive. Of particular note are the many moored Chinese junks (tongkangs) that have since been converted into floating bars and restaurants.

Gardens by the Bay

Visit these awe-inspiring gardens which made the list of the top 10 indoor gardens of the world. Only half of the gardens’ allure is actually the gardens themselves with the buildings architectural designs an attraction in themselves. The gardens are filled with flora from every continent of the world except for Antarctica and the gardens pride themselves on its sustainability practices. The attraction houses over 500,000 plants with the gardens showcasing everything from rare and unique plants from around the world to vertical gardens towering into the sky.

Merlion Park

Sporting the body of a fish and the head of the mythical Merlion, the animal is Singapore’s national icon and is celebrated by this 8.6m tall statue weighing over 70 tonnes. Unveiled in 1972, this statue lies in Merlion Park which overlooks Marina Bay and is one of huge cultural significance. One of seven government approved Merlion statues, the park is also home to the 2m tall Merlion ‘cub’ statue.

Marina Bay Sands Skypark

Undoubtedly one of Singapore’s most iconic structures, it is also unsurprisingly one of Singapore’s most visited attractions. In a very unique design, the skypark sits 200m in the sky atop three completely separate 55 storey towers and is longer than the Eiffel tower when laid down. Home to the world’s largest public cantilever, it boasts an observation deck that looks over the whole city, lush gardens, exclusive restaurants and a 150m infinity-edge swimming pool.