Langkawi: The archetypal romantic holiday island

Langkawi: The archetypal romantic holiday island

If you are planning a forthcoming honeymoon, look no further than the Malaysian island of Langkawi where you will fall in love all over again.

Located just off the north west coast of the mainland, Langkawi is in fact an archipelago comprising of 104 islands lapped by the calm waters of the Andaman Sea and in recent years has been lauded as the perfect getaway destination for romantic couples.

It hasn’t always been this way however and the region used to be a sanctuary for pirates as this is where the Straits of Melaka are narrowly adjoined to the Indian Ocean.

Hidden away from the world until the establishment of a duty-free port in 1987, the island has overseen the instalment of modern amenities, luxury hotels and finely sustained beaches that all supplement the green rainforest and isolated villages Langkawi was founded upon.

Kuah is the largest settlement and entry point to the island and can be accessed via a three hour ferry ride from Penang Island just off the Malaysian mainland.

And what a fine first impression you will gain. Treat your loved one to something special at the Langkawi Fair Shopping Mall which is home to over 100 outlets. With fantastic choice, couples can indulge in their favourite bottle of duty free spirits, world-renowned fragrances or if you prefer, authentic Malaysian souvenirs.

On your holidays to Malaysia you will want to pay a trip to Pantai Cenang located on the south west fringe of Langkawi.

This is where your romantic getaway really gets started with some of the most pristine, white sandy beaches in all of Malaysia. What better way to enjoy your dreamy trip than lazing under the evening sky with your partner and all you can hear is the gentle lapping of waves on the shore?

But there is so much more to Pantai Cenang than its beaches. Come daytime, the resort bursts into life with thriving water sports activities for those adrenaline seeking couples as well as Underwater World Langkawi – opened in 1995 and one of the largest reserves of marine life in all of South East Asia.

On Malaysia holidays it is always worth taking a trip to one of the islands major attractions – The Langkawi Cable Car where couples can take in a stunning bird’s eye view of the vicinity and capture some unforgettable snaps to view in the photo album for years to come.

You may want to save saying ‘cheese’ until you get to the top of the Gunung Mat Chinchang peak however where the stunning Langkawi Sky Bridge is located.

Seven hundred metres above sea level and spanning across the leafy canopy of Gunang Mat Chinchang, this 125 metre bridge is a favourite amongst travellers and those couples seeking the thrill of an adventure on their break.

And why not round your romantic holiday off in style by sampling a candlelit five-course Western set dinner on the beach at the Berjaya Resort – one of Langkawi’s stellar hotels.

Set aside a rainforest hillside, this resort is your very own paradise on earth and is perfectly situated, with the shops, beach and restaurants all within walking distance.

With all this and more on offer in Langkawi, you’ll both fall in love and dread that trip to the airport for your return home.