Kuching to interest those on Malaysia holidays?

A trip to the city of Kuching is something that may entice travellers.

This is because those on Malaysia holidays will find the area has excellent infrastructure.

As well as this, the area is a regional hub for traditional Chinese medicine, which is something that may interest some tourists.

Huang Jian Yin, vice secretary general and associate research professor at the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, added unique tours can be taken of the tropical rainforest.

Kuching – which is located in the state of Sarawak – is also easily to get to, as it is only a 90-minute flight to Kuala Lumpur and planes take off every hour.

Jill Henry, chief executive officer of the Sarawak Convention Bureau, said: "Our unique destination … offers rainforest side by side with a booming export economy."

Increasingly, Malaysia is being pushed as a destination for business tourism and it has been chosen to host the 9th World Congress of Chinese Medicine.