Kuala Lumpur to embrace new seven-star hotel

Kuala Lumpur to embrace new seven-star hotel

Holidays to Malaysia are often spent in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur and for those inclined; the luxury accommodation offering in the city is set to be further enhanced by a new seven-star Harrods hotel – as owned by the UK-based department store company.

The development marks the first Harrods hotel in the city and is set to open in five years time. The project is huge in scale with 30 plus floors housing 250 to 300 individual apartments separated by designated entertainment and retail space.

The development in Kuala Lumpur has been forged following a partnership between Qatar Holdings – who own Harrods and Malaysian firm Tradewings Corp Bhd, while Harrods have signalled their commitment to the hospitality realm by also drawing up plans to open hotels in London and in Italy.

Of course, Harrods isn’t just the solitary department store in Knightsbridge but also a brand that possesses prevalence in aviation as well as banking and estates and it seems as if hospitality is just the latest arena to be breached for the company formerly owned by Mohamed Al-Fayed.

Sold to new owners Qatar Holdings in 2010, vice-chairman of the organisation, Dr Hussain Ali Al-Abdulla said “We are looking to invest more in Malaysia because we believe the local economy will grow over the next two years at around 5 per cent (per year), encouraged by political stability and strengthening ringgit.

“We will continue to invest in hotels because Malaysia is a good destination for tourism, with a lot of things to offer.”

Kuala Lumpur is an exciting destination for travellers and especially for avid shoppers with the Malaysian capital voted the fourth best shopping city in the world by CNN Travel in November 2012.