Iconic views at Merlion Park, Singapore

If you’re in the process of choosing your next holiday destination, why not consider Singapore? This modern, forward-thinking island is a perfect place to combine urban adventures with a walk on the wild side, and mix rest and relaxation with awesome activities. If you’re thinking of organising a tailor-made Singapore holiday, be sure to include Merlion Park in your itinerary. A stalwart of the tourism scene, this is a sight not be to be missed.

About Merlion Park

The name Merlion Park comes from the park’s unique, domineering statue, which features a lion’s head attached to a mermaid’s tail. This ornate water feature stands proud in front of the cosmopolitan skyscrapers of the CBD, coaxing intrigued tourists from far and wide. The mermaid’s tale is a tribute to Singapore’s humble past. A nation that grew from traditional fishing villages, this is an island that has expanded and modernised rapidly. The lion’s head is symbolic of the name, Singapore, which translates as ‘Lion City’ in Malay. Standing 8.6 metres tall, and weighing more than 70 tons, this is a feature you can’t possibly miss. Originally unveiled to the public in 1972, the Merlion was relocated to the water’s edge in 2002 to allow visitors better views.

What to see and do

If you’re visiting Merlion Park, your priority is probably to get the snapshot all tourists are after. Even if you haven’t got a selfie stick, there are usually crowds gathered, so you should be able to find a generous person to take the photo for you. Once you’ve seen the statue, take a walk around the bay, and admire the views. Aim for dusk when the crowds have dispersed, and the area is a little quieter. If you time your visit to Marina Bay well, you’ll be able to enjoy the light show from Marina Bay Sands.

The best way to explore Merlion Park and Marina Bay is by bumboat. These wooden boats leave frequently, and they’ll take you along Singapore River to some of Singapore’s prime tourist attractions, including Clarke Quay and Boat Quay. Clarke Quay is a wonderfully vibrant area, which is packed with restaurants and bars. You can also catch a glimpse of the Esplanade Bridge. If you’d rather stay on dry land, there are plenty of bus tours that will take you to the famous statue.

After you’ve explored Merlion Park, why not discover some of Singapore’s other attractions? Take a ride on the big wheel and enjoy the views or treat yourself to a cool Singapore Sling at the infamous Long Bar at Raffles Hotel. If you have a few days to discover the island, Singapore Zoo is well worth a visit. Take a trip around the enclosures during the day before embarking on the twilight safari and catching up with the zoo’s nocturnal residents.

Are you visiting Singapore in the coming months? If so, why not start your journey with a visit to Merlion Park, and enjoy stunning city views? From here, you can get to the city’s main attractions very quickly and easily, and continue your voyage of discovery.