Iconic Fleming Hotel in Hong Kong reopens

The iconic Fleming Hotel in Hong Kong has reopened after a year-long hiatus for a nautical-themed redesign.

The renovated hotel is a luxury nod to the history of Hong Kong, in particular its nautical heritage. Featuring nautical design touches throughout, the hotel’s custom fittings and control panels are styled with dials, levers and buttons that hark back to years gone by, while the stationary and cutlery hint at voyaging at sea. Overall, The Fleming is done in the style of Streamline Moderne, the art deco aesthetic that was popular between the 1930s to 60s.

The hotel, which was launched by Hong Kong’s legendary tennis player John Hui, is aiming to become the first boutique hotel in the city that truly reflects its location in style.

In addition to the martimate heritage mirrored in the design, the hotel’s 66 rooms feature artwork from local artists in a bid to shift the customer base from predominantly business travellers to a more young and hip crowd.

Owner Hui commented that the new hotel allows visitors to experience an authentic flavour of Hong Kong during their stay.

“The design of the hotel is totally different to what we had previously. We really wanted to embrace Hong Kong’s culture and heritage and based the design on nuances of Hong Kong’s eclectic heritage… small side streets, cross harbour ferries, old industrial buildings, traditional bamboo scaffolding, etc, rather than to do something that you could see anywhere so that you might as well be in NY, LA or London.

“We have a beautiful ground floor space with high ceilings, which we have now converted into a restaurant. We are partnering with Black Sheep Restaurants who are, in my opinion, the best restaurant group in Hong Kong at the moment. The cuisine will be coastal Italian. I’m sure they will do an amazing job!” he said.