Hong Kong’s skyscrapers go festive

Hong Kong’s skyscrapers go festive

If you are travelling on Hong Kong holidays during this Christmas and New Year period, you will be lucky enough to witness the stunning array of festive lights and decorations that some of the regions tallest skyscrapers have been adorned with.

Hong Kong – a city famed for its larger than life, colourful backdrop anyway has received a further festive facelift that has seen Santa Claus dancing on the side of tall office blocks surrounded by twinkling stars and flashing, blinking parcels bordering Santa on the back of a dolphin in another part of the metropolis.

This form of festive celebration has all been made possible by Terence Wong – a 54-year-old electrician and lighting enthusiast who 30 years ago was asked by a Hong Kong property developer to add a seasonal flavour to a series of office block apartments in the Tsim Sha Tui East suburb of the city.

Not looking back since, Wong exclaimed “It is my passion, I never want it to stop” when asked about the displays.

The multi-coloured, flashing displays are truly a wondrous sight to behold and have been lauded as making the Oxford Street lights in London and the Rockefeller Center display in New York look pale by comparison.

Wong also revealed that such beauty comes at cost with the displays typically costing between a whopping 20,000 and 100,000 Hong Kong dollars.

The lighting enthusiast began his work by simply suspending stars from the top of Hong Kong’s tallest skyscrapers but his work has developed over the years and now he is an expert in the field of affixing bespoke light bulb strings in all shapes and sizes.