Holidays to Thailand to include supermodel competition?

A supermodel competition from Asia-Pacific countries may be of interest to those travelling to the area.

Those on holidays to Thailand could go to the International Supermodel Contest, with the final of the event taking place on September 19th.

It will feature contestants from a number of different countries, including Australia, Bangladesh, China, Guam, India, Indonesia and Japan.

Jamnong Junnapiya, executive director for the East Asia region at the Tourism Authority of Thailand, said: "In addition to promoting our tourism attractions, we intend to use this event to specifically promote Thailand's fashion sector and the creative economy."

The Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel in Bangkok is the location of the final, while it is intended to highlight how the women of Asia are intelligent, cultured and keen to affect regional change.

Shuang Chen will be representing Hong Kong, while Saireena Mamik is competing for India and Rukshana Ali Heera for Bangladesh.