Holidays to Thailand to become more popular?

People are increasingly enjoying visits to Asia as the destination becomes more popular than some of the more traditional locations.

Because of this, there may be more tourists going on multi centre Thailand holidays.

According to's Hotel Price Index (HPI), the continent has become a more attractive proposition than Europe.

"We were pleasantly surprised by the findings of the recent HPI, which indicated several up-and-coming international destinations, including those in Asia," said Victor Owens, vice-president of marketing for North America.

Locations that have previously been popular, such as Berlin, Copenhagen and Edinburgh, now have to deal with competition from the big Asian cities.

It comes after a study by Aviva found children are getting to travel further than ever before, as some 94 per cent of kids in the UK have now been abroad by the time they are 16.

Jerry Finch, travel insurance product manager at Aviva, noted it shows how strong a desire there is today to travel.