Holidays to Thailand ‘perfect for families’

Families who are looking for an ideal destination may be tempted to go to Thailand.

This is because holidays to Thailand for adults and their children are being promoted by the nation.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand has pointed to the range of stunning beaches on offer for people to enjoy.

Jarrat Beaumont, group sales director of Castlewood Group, noted Phuket – one of the country's southern provinces – is an area that will intrigue and entice many people.

"Well known for its stunning white sandy beaches, lush forest [and] tumbling waterfalls, [it is] a paradise for water sports activities – making it an ideal travel destination for families," he added.

Alternatively, individuals can head to the central region, which is where the capital city of Bangkok is located.

This is home to some of the most fertile land in Thailand and because of this is known as the Rice Bowl of Asia.