Hofman’s Rubber Duck roasted in Shanghai

Hofman’s Rubber Duck roasted in Shanghai

Hofman’s Rubber Duck roasted in ShanghaiThe Rubber Duck – a contemporary piece of floating art – constructed by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman and appearing in Hong Kong this summer has witnessed its very own roasted version in Shanghai.

The 16.5 metre high art form which has graced the waters of cities such as London, Sao Paulo and Amsterdam arrived in the Special Administrative Region of China back in May but now Shanghai has put its very own spin on the eye catching sculpture.

Shanghai views Hong Kong as its major rival in terms of her financial capital credentials but not only that; inspiration was also drawn from a traditional Chinese poem which states ‘The duck knows first when the river becomes warm in spring’.

A slightly strange, yet intriguing site, the Rubber Duck’s head appears at the bow of a ferry boat while the exterior of the vessel takes the form of the crispy coating of a roasted duck, finished off with drumsticks sticking out at the back.

For travellers who have recently stumbled across the finding on holidays to China with a personal twist, the roasted duck is located on the Huangpu River near Shanghai’s waterfront Bund district, and actually works as a fully functional passenger ferry.

There was also another more subtle meaning behind the roasting of Hofman’s creation with Han Beishi – the roasted duck’s designer – noting “The design process took place during Shanghai’s scorching hot summer days, so we just thought: ‘Let’s roast it’”.

Hofman’s original Rubber Duck has been appearing in metropolises worldwide ever since 2007 and Shanghai’s roasted version is sure to bring about its very own buzz and publicity.